1/10 EP Buggy

1/10 EP Buggy

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SKOP042-15T  Motor Gear 15T,48Pitch
SKOP042-16T  Motor Gear 16T,48Pitch
SKOP042-17T  Motor Gear 17T,48Pitch
SKOP042-18T  Motor Gear 18T,48Pitch
SKOP042-19T  Motor Gear 19T,48Pitch
SKOP042-20T Motor Gear 20T,48Pitch
SKOP042-21T  Motor Gear 21T,48Pitch
SKOP044	39T Diff Crown Gear
SKOP045	16T Diff Pinion Gear
SKOP047	Diff Bushings(4pcs)
SKOP048	Diff Oring 7.5*1.5mm
SKOP049	Diff Bevel Gear 14T&10T
SKOP050	Diff Pin

SKOP050 Diff Pin



SKOP052 Gear Diff driver Cup
SKOP053	Centre F&R Driver Cup
SKOP054	 1/10  Gear Diff Case
SKOP055	Rear Shock Tower 7075
SKOP056	Front Shock Tower 7075
SKOP059  Shock Tower Support
SKOP060   Gear Diff Gasket
SKOP063	Alum Rear Hub Set
SKOP064	Alum C-Hub Set
SKOP069  Front CVD Drive Cup
SKOP072  Rear CVD Drive Cup
SKOP073  Center Slip Clutch Drive Cup
SKOP074 1/10 BUGGY Pro Rear Wheel Hex 2.0mm

SKOP074 1/10 BUGGY Pro Rear Wheel Hex 2.0mm

Also works on the SCT10 front and rear. ..


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