1/8 Nitro Buggy

1/8 Nitro Buggy

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EX-0507  ESC Control Holder
F18-078  Ball Stud 2.5*5.11mm
JR-0115  C clips

JR-0115 C clips



JR-0137  Steering Turnbuckle 4*40mm
JR-0138  Steering Turnbuckle 4*80mm
JR-1800  Brake Pad(Water resistant)
JR-6100  Brake Pad(Oil resistant)
K8-0023  K8 Gear Box
K8-0024  K8 Center Diff Mount Set
K8-0037  Fuel Tank Post
K8-0038  Front & Rear Body Mount
K8-0057  K8 Front & Rear Brake Cam
K8-0061  13T Pinion Gear
K8-0066  K8 Rear Hub Hinge Pin
K8-0076  K8T Engine Mount
K8-0077  K8 Wheel Hub 4pc
K8-0081  K8 Diff. Washer Small 3mm
K8-0083  K8 Radio Plate 6061
K8-0084  Steering Ball End  K8T
K8-0098  K8 Brake Rod
K8-0099   K8 Whel Hub Pin
K8-0112  k8 Throttle Linkage Full Set
K8-0115  7mm Ball Black
ZX-0002-01   ZX-1.5 Buggy Body(Clear)
ZX-0009   Front Shock Shaft
ZX-0010   Rear Shock Shaft
ZX-0018   Shock Boots
ZX-0022   Front Upper Suspension Arms
ZX-0023   Gear Case x 2box
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