1/8 EP Buggy

1/8 EP Buggy

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ZX-0056  Shock Bushing
ZX-0060-PRO  43T Diff Gear,PRO
ZX-0060-RTR  43T Diff Gear,RTR
ZX-0061-PRO  13T Pinion Gear,PRO
ZX-0061-RTR  13T Pinion Gear,RTR
ZX-0062  18T Diff Bevel Gear
ZX-0063  10T Diff Bevel Gear
ZX-0066  Rear Hub Hinge Pin
ZX-0067  Diff. Bevel Gear Shaft
ZX-0069  Front Shock Tower 6061
ZX-0070  Rear Shock Tower 6061
ZX-0075  Rear Suspension Arm Holder
ZX-0077  Wheel Hub and Nut
ZX-0078  5x1.5mm Diff. O-Ring
ZX-0079  3x1.5mm Diff. O-Ring
ZX-0081  Diff. Washer Small
ZX-0082  Diff. Gasket
ZX-0084  Steering Ball End
ZX-0086  Servo Saver Arm Bushing
ZX-0088  Steering Modify Ball 6mm
ZX-0090  Cup Holder Bushing
ZX-0092  Diff. Pin
ZX-0093  Sway Bar Plate (plastic)
ZX-0094-0A  Front Sway Bar 2.2mm
ZX-0094-0B  Front Sway Bar 2.3mm
ZX-0094-0C  Front Sway Bar 2.4mm
ZX-0095-0A  Rear Sway Bar 2.7mm
ZX-0095-0B  Rear Sway Bar 2.8mm
ZX-0095-0C  Rear Sway Bar 2.9mm
ZX-0096  Brake Disc Holder
ZX-0100  Wheel Hub Pin
ZX-0108  Body Pin

ZX-0108 Body Pin



ZX-0110  wheel hub
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