1/18 Mini Truggy

1/18 Mini Truggy

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F18-001  Steering Arm Left
F18-002  Steering Arm Right
F18-003  Ball stud 2.5*5*8.5mm
F18-005  Steering link
F18-006  Socket screw 2*14.5mm
F18-007  Servo saver bushing
F18-008 Servo saver spring
F18-009  Thrust washer 11*8*0.2mm
F18-010  Pin 2*11mm
F18-011  Servo saver full set
F18-012  Servo mount - RTR
F18-013  D-internal washer
F18-014 Differential Out Drive Set
F18-015 Large Diff Gear 35T
F18-016    Balls (2.4mm)
F18-017   Washer 5*2*0.8mm
F18-018  Balls (1.6mm)
F18-019  Spring

F18-019 Spring



F18-020  Socket round 2*17.5mm
F18-021  Aluminum diff cup cover
F18-022  Ball bearing 4*8*2.5mm
F18-023  Dogbone spring cup
F18-024  Washer 6*4*0.1mm
F18-025 Complete Differential set
F18-026-10  Chassis, 2010 RTR Plastic
F18-027  Gear cover RTR
F18-028  Gear box cases
F18-029  Shock screw 2*8mm
F18-030  Silk tooth screw
F18-031  Spur gear 60T
F18-033  Ball bearing 12*8*3.5mm
F18-034   Input bevel gear 14T
F18-035  Chassis screw F/H 2*12mm
F18-036   Ball stud
F18-037  C-hub screw 2.5*6.5mm
F18-038  Chassis top deck brace
F18-041  Lower Arm PIN  2*28mm
F18-042  Front bumper
F18-043  Socket screw 2*9.5mm
F18-044  Rear arm mount RTR
F18-045   Caster block RTR
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