1/16 EP Buggy & Truggy

Caster Racing S16B and S16T Buggy and Truggy Spare Parts

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Hobbywing Quicrun 2435 SL Motor 4500kv 2 Pole

Hobbywing Quicrun 2435 SL Motor 4500kv 2 Pole

Its 2-pole rotor creates greater torque. QUICRUN-2435 brushless sensorless motor suits variou..


S16B003 Front Left & Right C-Hub
S16B005 Front Shock Tower
S16B006 Rear Hub Set
S16B007 Front Steering Hub Set
S16B011 Front Steering Block Pin
S16B012 Rear Hub Pin
S16B013 Bumper

S16B013 Bumper



S16B019 Front Turnbuckle Set
S16B020 Rear Turnbuckle Set
S16B023 Servo Saver Horn 25T
S16B024 Turnbuckle Set M2.5x30
S16B025 Ball Cup Set
S16B027 Servo Ball Cup End Set
S16B029 Center Front Drive Cup
S16B030 Spur Gear 56T
S16B031 Center Spur Gear Shaft
S16B033 Motor Mount Plastic
S16B034 Center Front Plate
S16B037 Servo Mounting Post Set
S16B039 Steering Plate Link
S16B041 Servo Mounting Plate
S16B042 Battery Holder Plate
S16B046 1/16 Buggy Rims Set of 4
S16B047 Battery Holder Plate Nuts
S16B048 Wheel Nut Set
S16B050 Wing Stay Set
S16B051 1/16 Buggy & Truggy Wing
S16B052 Metal Gear Diff Upgrade Set
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