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BFX-V1-056 2WD Shock Cap
BFX-V1-057 2WD Shock Bladders
BFX-V1-058 E-clips 2.5mm
BFX-V1-059 2WD Shock Piston
BFX-V1-060 2WD Front Shock Shaft
BFX-V1-061 2WD Rear Shock Shaft
BFX-V1-062 2WD Shock o Ring
BFX-V1-063 2WD Shock Bushings
BFX-V1-065 2WD Shock Housing, Rear
BFX-V1-067  2WD Shock Lower Cover
BFX-V1-068 2WD Front Shock Spring
BFX-V1-069 2WD Rear Shock Spring
BFX-V1-070 2WD Shock Spring Holder
BFX-V1-071 2WD Ball Caps
BFX-V1-072 2WD Gear plastic cover
BFX-V1-076 2WD slipper pads green
BFX-V1-077 2WD Motor Mount Black
BFX-V1-078 2WD Diff Drive Cup
BFX-V1-079 2WD Gear Box Cases Post
BFX-V1-080 2WD Diff case bushing
BFX-V1-081 2WD Gear box cases-L&R
BFX-V1-083 2WD Center Shaft
BFX-V1-088 2WD Gear Diff Case
BFX-V1-091 2WD 14T Diff Bevel Gear
BFX-V1-092 2WD 10T Diff Bevel Gear
BFX-V1-093 2WD Gear Diff Gasket
BFX-V1-097 2WD Motor Gear 13T
BFX-V1-098 2WD Motor Gear Bushing
BFX-V1-101 2WD C-Hub Washer
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